See what's happening in Mrs. Duffy's third                                            grade classroom.  

We just received our very large state rug.  We have been trying to learn all the 50 states.  The rug , globe and atlas are a donation from Donnor's Choose.  We really are grateful for the donation. The children  play a form of twister reaching many states.   Now  they have invented a game called  Roll My State.  It is played with a die and they try to see if they can land on the state.  Then they multiply the number on the die. 

Family  Letter
March 20, 2017

Dear Families,
Happy first day of Spring!
Last week was a short week because of the blizzard and this week there is no school for the children on Friday. Teachers have an in-service day.

March is quickly passing by and then April means the start of testing and parent conferences are also in April. I will be sending home a sign up sheet soon. Children should be reading and practicing their math facts at home at night. It will help with the test scores.

We had a great time walking to the House of Pizza and the children were very well behaved the entire trip. Thank you to the parents and family members that could make it with us. I appreciate it and your child was glad you were there. Their next choice is an afternoon of playing soccer up at the ball field. That will be fun.

Today and Friday Mr. Baker is taking the children snowshoeing and maybe next week if the snow last. This is a fun sport the children could learn to love. I did some snowshoeing over the weekend. The weather was beautiful.
In math we are continuing our multiplication facts and also learning about fractions.

We have started a unit about desert habitats. Each child will pick an animal to learn more about and report on that animal. They will be making a clay sculpture in art class of that animal.

Boots are still required for outside play. Please make sure your child has their boots daily. Until the playground is dried up, maybe May, they need to keep their inside shoes dry.

Have a great week,

Joann Spear-Duffy

Reading Workshop

 They love reading in comfy reading places.    

Where is your comfy place to read?
       We enjoy reading and need to practice daily to increase our reading skills. 

                                                    Paw Prints 
        Try to catch a child doing something great.  That 's what we do in our classroom.  Our children earn paw prints when they are caught.  The prints are turned in, to earn a choice activity.
We have had two celebrations so far.  The children choose them . The first one was making a pinata and breaking it for the candy  and the second was Teacher Switch Day.  They were the teachers for the day, which took one day and three afternoons to let 20 students have time to teach us all something they like.   Thirdly we walked to the House of Pizza and enjoyed an afternoon  snack.   Parents walked with us too.  


Great,  Cool, Wonderful Sites to visit if you want a fun way to practice spelling, math and writing. 

    Every child is very special and on their birthday they  really  find out it is their day.    We start the day singing happy birthday to them. Then they checkout the birthday singing dog package to find out what could possibly be in there.   Some parents send in a special treat for snack and they get to wear the wonderful birthday hat.   More pictures to come as the birthday's arrive.  All summer birthdays will be celebrated the last week or two of school. 
Math Games are lots of fun and we are learning at the same time.










           I live in Danville with my husband.   We raise our own meats and I grow a large vegetable garden every year.  I enjoy playing with our pets, riding my horse and watching my flowers grow.          
    I had raised my children for years as a single parent and knew they would soon be on their own. I knew I wouldn’t have any children around me after they went to college.  That is when I decided to go to college to become a teacher.  I had thought about it years earlier but life took over and I never went.  So all three of us were in college at the same time.  I graduated six months before my daughter. 

        I taught a year at HES as a reading teacher before I moved to first grade.  Then I taught five years in first grade at HES 2 years as a second grade 3 years as multi- age teacher, 1-2 and now I am a third grade teacher.   Before I came to HES I was a reading teacher at Lyndon Town School.   

         The picture here shows two of my three grandchildren, my dog and myself.  It was fun playing with them in the Thanksgiving snow 2011.  I now have 8 grandchildren.  I enjoy snowshoeing in the winter , horseback riding and hiking in the summer.