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Laurie Rivers

Welcome to Our Classroom!
We are very excited for a great year of learning. Our year long theme of study will be sustainability with an emphasis on Farming Through The Seasons. Our focus animal will be chickens. We will purchase chickens and then watch them grow throughout the year as we visit East View Farm. Mary Ellen will help us learn about sustainability and cycles that happen on the farm throughout the seasons.

We will also  be walking to the Hazen Trails. During this time we will explore nature, natural sustainability and support the 4 Winds Science program.

It's A Mystery!
Every other Friday, we will be having a Mystery Reader.  During the week the children will be given clues about our mystery reader and try to guess who it will be.  This person will be a member or our school or community.  
Learning Binders
Each student will build their learning binder throughout the year.  Their binder will include work samples, word list that they can read, graphs of words they can write, journal samples and reading graphs.  Each child will plan, practice and represent their learning throughout the year.  These binders will be used by the students during parent conferences to explain their learning.  The binders will build responsibility  for learning and well as a visual representation of all their successes!  

Homework consists of sight words, spelling words and reading.  Home work should last around 20 minutes.  Sight words are words that the children are expected to read only, spelling words are words that the children are expected to be able to read and write.  There may also be math homework throughout the week.  Homework should be a time for your child to show you what they are learning, and not be stressful for child or adult.  Some evenings you may find that it is best just to snuggle and read a story.  

 Remember to look for your child's home/school folder in their backpack.  It is important that the folder returns to school everyday.  

Dates to Remember
*Monday, August 25: First Day of School!
*Fri., Aug. 29-Mon., Sept. 1: Labor Day Weekend
*Monday, September 8: REACH begins
*Thursday, September 11: Open House  5:30
*Thursday, September 25: Picture Day
Marvelous Mathematicians
Our first unit for math will be on number sense, sums and differences to 10 and 20.  We will be using our math tools, playing games and having class discussions to reach our goals.  The children will bring home games to share with their families.  Each child also has a math journal for problem solving.  These journals will be used  for warm up activities.  of the problems will have more that one answer or many ways to solve a particular problem.  The students will come together as a group and share their strategies.  

Read, Read Read....and Read some more
Our  afternoons will be spent on literacy.  The children will be responsible for completing three centers and participating in a reading group.  The centers include:  word work, writing, read to self, listen to reading, Lexia and read to someone.  On Mondays, each child will make a plan about which activities they will complete.  On Friday, they will check in with me and discuss their plan and how it went.  The children are expected to read every night.  They will bring books home that they can read on their own.  These books need to come back to school the next day.  

Fine Arts Schedule
Monday            Library
Tuesday            PE (remember your sneakers)
Wednesday       Music
Thursday          PE (remember your sneakers)
Friday                Art

 I have attached a copy of the weekly newsletter, please excuse the wrong date....it is actually for the week of Aug. 25th.

Aug 26, 2014, 6:03 PM