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Ch. 1 - The Hidden World of Cells

Key Ideas
• all living things are made of one or more cells
• cells are surrounded by a cell membrane * contain tiny structures
• cell organelles carry out specific jobs inside a cell
cell membrane - a thin, protective covering that surrounds a cell
nucleus - the DNA-containing control center of a cell
DNA - a substance that contains all the information needed for building & controlling a cell
cytoplasm - everything between the cell membrane & the nucleus
cytosol - the liquid part of cytoplasm
organelle - small structure that does a specific job in a cell
mitochondria - energy-supplying organelles
proteins - building blocks of cells
ribosomes - tiny organelles that make proteins
Golgi bodies - organelles that further modify & package proteins
cytoskeleton - a supporting structure inside a cell
fiber - a long, thin thread
cell wall - a tough covering that surrounds & supports plant cells
chloroplasts - green organelles that use energy from sunlight to make sugar
carbon dioxide - a gas used by chloroplasts
vacuole - a storage organelle
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