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Hum Dingers

• observe a fanciful device called a hum dinger
• organize & assemble components to make a physical model of a hum dinger
• compare their models to a working hum dinger
• use scientific thinking processes to conduct investigations & build explanations:  observing, communicating, comparing, organizing, & relating
conceptual model - explanations that are expressed in drawings, words, or mathematics
physical model - a 3-diensional construction designed to explain or represent how something works
collaborate - when scientists share ideas & solutions
circuit - an unbroken pathway along which electricity flows
switch - connects & disconnects
Part 1 - Exploring Hum Dingers
    Read Simulations
    Response Sheet - Hum Dingers
Part 2 - Model Hum Dingers
    Read The Path to Invention
Part 3 - Replicate