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Mysterious Powders

Overview of Unit
In this unit, a simulated environmental problem is the focus for exploring the properties of certain substances and for practicing the steps of the scientific process.  This module emphasizes problem solving and the use of scientific process as a way of understanding the natural world.  Students collect data using their own senses, conduct simple tests, and make comparisons.  They use systematic data-gathering, organizing, and analyzing skills, and then apply what they have learned to form a working explanation or hypothesis of the event.  This unit also provides opportunities for students to practice the roles of an environmental scientist and an analytic chemist looking for the cause and affect of an unexplained event.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 5 - Open Exploration

Lesson 7 - Sorting Out

Lesson 12 - How Did It Happen?

Lesson 13 - Household Chemists