Cool Sites to Visit

Students are able to practice their spelling words  on this website.  A new list is assigned each week and a test is taken on Friday.

Fourth graders can listen and read a variety of fiction and nonfiction books.  Afterwards, they take a short quiz to check their comprehension.

Welcome to Mrs. Bader's Fourth Grade Classroom!

Starting our day...

Morning Meeting   



-Morning Greeting

-Warm Up Activity (Songs, Poems, Game)

It's all about building a community where kids feel safe enough to take risks !

Morning classes...
Reading Workshop with Mrs. Bader
Math Class with Mrs. Demers

Off to recess and lunch...

Integrated Arts

Monday:       Library Mrs. Ford

Tuesday:      Physical Education Mr. Baker

Wednesday: Physical Education Mr. Baker

Thursday: Music Mrs. Sanders

Friday:          Art Mrs. Lecours

Remind your child...

-sneakers on Tuesday and Wednesday!

-library books on Monday


Writing Workshop with Mrs. Bader
Science with Mrs. Demers

   Galaxy Bookshop
The fourth graders decided to have a tag sale to raise money to purchase books for our classroom library. We headed down to the Galaxy Bookshop to see the new books that were available and checked out some of the classics!


Wednesday, November 23-25

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 29

Trimester 1 Ends

Wednesday, November 30

Community Gathering 10:30am

Friday, December 9

Early Release Day 11:30am

Thursday, December 15

Annual River of Light 6:00pm

Friday, December 23

Last Day Before December Break

Tuesday, January 3
Back to School

Foster Farm in Walden
The Foster Family opened their potato fields for the students to harvest potatoes for our Harvest Dinner and school lunch program.

Laggis Farm in Hardwick    
The Laggis Farm donated a truckload of corn to Hardwick Elementary School.  Our fourth graders picked and shucked all of it!     

Weaving with Robin!

Robin Leslie, a local weaver, volunteers to come in and teach us how to weave!  We use our math skills to design beautiful pieces of cloth!  Check out what these children wove!

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency is the ability to read with accuracy, expression, comprehension and appropriate rate. These are the four areas of fluency we’ll be focusing on this year.

Accuracy: the correct pronunciation of words

Expression: reading in larger phrase chunks and conveying a mood or feeling through changing voice tone- pauses and pitch variations

Comprehension: understanding the author’s intended meaning

Appropriate Rate: speed at which words are correctly pronounced
If you find that your child reads word-by-word rather than putting words in phrases, here are some prompts you can use to help them. 

“Read it like this.”

“Read this much together.” (Cover part of the print, exposing the phrase unit such as, “…in the house…”)

“Listen to me read this part.  Now read it just like I did.”

“Put your words together so it sounds like talking.”