PBiS-Behavior Support

School rules, or expectations, are designed to provide a safe learning environment for everyone. To create this, every member of our school is asked to abide by these 3 rules:

Be Respectful                                      Be Responsible                                   Be Safe

HES and all schools in OSSU use the PBiS system to carry out this plan. Our belief that we must make positive and trusting relationships with students and families. These relationships continue as we help students learn to make good choices in all aspects of school and beyond. 


Each year students earn "Paw Prints" when they show great examples of following the rules which are age appropriate. Classrooms decide how to celebrate when they reach their goal for earned paws.  We also celebrate a few times a year as an entire school. 


Consistent consequences are also practiced to guide students who struggle with these expectations. Most occur in the classroom with little disruption to learning. Please see attachments for full grids of various behaviors and interventions