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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Additional information and details can also be located on our website https://hardwick.ossu.org.  If you have questions for the office,  please call the office and leave a message on Christine's voicemail (472-2599) or email at cgifford@ossu.org. Staff are checking their voicemail and email during normal school hours. 


Tracking Attendance

The Vermont Agency of Education has provided us with the following guidance around tracking student attendance: “Students who make some form of contact with their classroom teacher or other instructional staff in a day should be counted as present for that day.” All schools in OSSU will  be recording attendance and following up on ‘absences’ as we normally would. Please work with your child’s homeroom teacher on what forms of contact will qualify as attendance for the day.



Just a reminder, we will be delivering meals three days a week: 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts on Mondays and Wednesdays each; and 1 lunch and 1 breakfast on Fridays. Pick up will also be the same three days. To apply for meals you can click on the link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sdiETE1QT6GYq4w9PzYNdCD3KeXEoAd7CI-vnzjtf24/viewform?ts=5e70bfa4&edit_requested=true&fbclid=IwAR2iko-4ElszK-LE8rouAfZAMPJ__gmr13QKCk67IOgkqvl1VGJkAmfv14g


Physical Education Update

I will be posting different activities for students on the physical education at home website Mondays and Wednesdays.   You will also find the link for students to document their physical activity twice a week there. I hope you are all well!   https://sites.google.com/a/ossu.org/hes-physical-education-at-home/weekly-activities




Hello Hardwick Elementary Families!


Hoping this day finds everyone well in such an unprecedented time in all of our lives.

We want to reach out to you all, and let you know that we have been given the go-ahead for our availability to assist our parents/students via direct email and/or phone extension (which will send us an email) on health or resource availability questions you may have, such as we normally would do with direct care at the school for everyone.  We will also assist with information of locally available resources.


Since we must work within our Scope of Practice as Vermont nurses, we will provide you with guidelines and direction on your questions, and if necessary, refer you to your Primary Care Provider for further instructions.  We can also link you up with any resources that are available locally for assistance.


****If it is an emergency, please call 911****


Please contact your specific school nurse as listed below for concerns.

We will periodically check our email and respond to you as soon as possible. If you do not have internet access, you may also call our extensions and leave a message which will be routed directly to our email.


Hardwick Elementary - Available during normal school hours M-F with response within 24 hours. Phone - 472-2593

Andi Dobson, adobson@ossu.org 

Mary Ellen Johns, mjohns@ossu.org, phone - 472-2593



Patrick Pennock


Hardwick Elementary School





Welcome!  OSSU has partnered with My MealTime, a fast, secure online service for making credit or debit card deposits and monitoring your student’s lunch account.
To register for paying for school lunches or for applying for free/reduced lunch online please use the links below. For information on Mealtime click here and to sign for paying online follow instructions here. 
The My MealTime link is: http://www.mymealtime.com
The Apply Online link is: http://www.mymealtime.com/Apps/SignIn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fapps