Dear Parents,


I am writing  to let you know that your son/daughter will be participating in the Fitness gram fitness testing program the week of April 29th during their p.e. class.  The specific components of the test that Hardwick Elementary students will be participating in are the 20 meter PACER run, curl-ups, 90 degree push ups, and the back saver sit and reach.  This year all 4th grade scores need to be reported to the Vermont Agency of Education. All students should try their best on these tests while at the same time being aware of how much to safely push themselves.    It will be extremely important for any students who have inhalers to make sure they are at school the week of 4/29 for the testing, and the week of 4/22 to practice the events. I suggest talking to your child about what these tests are like, and they are of course more than welcome to practice them at home.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Mike Baker