School Board & Community

Orleans Southwest Elementary School Board

Our school board serves the towns of Greensboro, Hardwick, Woodbury and Stannard Vermont. serving Pre-k through the 6th grade.


Meeting Materials, Members, and Board Policies

Unless otherwise stated in the agenda, our school board meets the second Tuesday of the month from 6 - 8 PM alternating among the three schools served by OSUED.

Community members can also email the board at All school board members and the Superintendent will receive your email. To remain in compliance with open meeting laws, the board may not respond to email, but all submissions will be reviewed as part of the following public board meeting. 

Special meetings are occasionally held for specific purposes and are always announced in advance. The board also participates in four carousel board meetings each year, in which all eight member school districts within the supervisory union come together to conduct SU-wide business as the OSSU Board.

State law requires that  school board meetings are conducted in accordance with the Vermont Open Meeting Law and Robert’s Rules of Order. All Board business takes place in public except for discussion on some specific topics where the Board meets in Executive Session. The Vermont School Board Association offers a good summary on executive session and open meeting law.


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OSUED Vision Goals

Students, staff, & parents are empowered.


  • Students have voice & choice around how, where, and when to access learning and demonstrate evidence of it.

  • Teachers have voice & choice in designing curriculum that cultivates student agency through reflective practice.

  • Parents help their children self-advocate regarding their personalized learning journeys.

  • Board and administration encourage teachers to experiment in order to personalize learning for students.

  • Teachers support students academically, socially, and emotionally by personalizing their approach, meeting students where they are and helping them advance at their own pace.

  • All stakeholders respect individuality.


Students make connections across grade levels and across campuses.

  • Student learning is fluid and collaborative across grade levels and across campuses.

  • Students are engaged in learning.


Staff make connections among campuses and with the community.

  • Principals plan collaboratively to cultivate connections.

  • Teachers learn & plan collaboratively across grade levels and across campuses.

  • Campuses are places for staff & students to experiment and experience.

  • Teachers cultivate connections and collaborate with community partners to create inquiry-based, place-based, project-based, authentic learning opportunities for students.